Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Introducing a new resource "Ask Dr. Raj!"

Introducing a new resource "Ask Dr. Raj!"

A cancer diagnosis can affect much more than the physical body. It can also affect emotions, finances and relationships. For most people, life is not the same after a cancer diagnosis.  

People respond to a cancer diagnosis in different ways. You may have many questions when you have cancer. A cancer diagnosis can raise fears. You may worry about death, changes to your body, painful treatments or feeling sick. You may also worry about how your friends and family will react and how to cope with day-to-day tasks, work, finances and how to pay for treatment.  

Some people feel alone, even if friends and family are with them. Most people find it hard to understand what the doctor is telling them, and they need to be told the same information many times. Every cancer patient and sometimes their family have questions as they go through this difficult journey. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have some of these questions answered by someone who is knowledgeable about cancer, kind, compassionate and patient? Cancer Can't is so excited to now be offering this resource to cancer patients and their families. Welcome to our new blog "Ask Dr. Raj."

As a board certified medical oncologist he can help answer some of your questions. Dr. Rajeev Rajendra, or “Dr. Raj” as he is known to his patients, believes in treating the patient as a whole and combines various modalities including, but not limited to, Western Medicine; Eastern philosophies such as Acupuncture, Ayurveda and herbal medicine; Reiki; and dietary modifications to help his patients.  He can provide information, separate fact from fiction as well as provide helpful tips to empower you with the  knowledge about your disease. He can provide you with answers that support you in making the choices that work for you and your cancer. 

We will be using our social media platforms to allow patients and families to post questions to Dr. Raj. You can also email your questions to info@cancercant.com. Check back each week to our blog and we will contact you specifically if Dr. Raj addresses your question.

The board at Cancer Can't hopes this will become a great resource to cancer patients in our community and beyond. We are so grateful to Dr. Raj for taking the extra time to help patients in this way.