Maintaining Personal Medical Records


Maintaining Personal Medical Records

Here is an amazing tool you can use to manage your medical records from your phone!

Managing one's medical records can be very complex and time consuming. This fact couldn't be more true for people who have faced acute or chronic cancer as oncology patients are often juggling informationa and records from multiple medical providers and pharmacies. Having access to copies of your records is critical in helping your care team improve the quality of care your recieve and insuring that you are recieving the proper treatment and care... especially if you change doctors! New medical providers will need to understand where you've been so they can plan where should go. That means they need accurate details of your diagnosis and treament, which is most easily ascertained through your past medical records. Attaining medical records that are more than a few years old can be difficult. So, it is best to gather copies of medical reports as soon as possible.

Cancer Can't is now collaborating with the developers of a wonderful new free app called Sync.MD

This is how it works:

  • Patients install the app from the Google Play or iTunes app store.
  • Records can be scanned into the app through a phone camera or uploaded from a computer.
  • Physicians can receive some or all of the patient records by asking the patient to scan a QR code on the Sync.MD website.

Here are some short clips to show you how it works: (shorter version)

The free Sync.MD app allows you to manage and share access to your medical records, right from your phone!