Goals for 2019

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Goals for 2019

  1. Often, oncology patients do not have a caregiver that is able to get them to and from all of their appointments associated with cancer treatment. Social workers in treatment centers have worked with over five transportation services in the Spokane area, but none can guarantee rides to cancer patients when they need it. By devoting so much of their energy to finding rides for patients, the treatment centers have little time to focus on other ways to assist patients. Partnering with Catholic Charities, who will effectively be administrating the program, the Cancer Can't Board of Directors has been actively working to grow our transportation program. By hiring a Transportation Liaison to go out into the community to recruit volunteers, we have dedicated a significant amount of time and resources on finding enough volunteer drivers to achieve our goal of guaranteeing ailing patients a ride to and from their oncology appointments when they need them.     

  2. Cancer Can't continues to work with Providence Sacred Heart and other oncology centers to create oncology triage areas in our hospitals so oncology patients would no longer need to go to the emergency room. The medical community has recognized that when an oncology patient experiencing neutropenic fever, pain, excessive nausea or other side effects brought on by chemotherapy, goes to the ER they are at great risk of contracting further illness due to their compromised immune system's innability to fight the many germs that are present in the ER. Their risk only increases as they endure the long wait that is often associated with visits to the ER. Cancer Can't has been advocating for hospitals to adopt a new system where oncology patients would receive priority admittance and be treated in a more sterile environment. We hope to see the efforts of our Triage Project come to fruition this year. In fact, Providence Sacred Heart will be launching a pilot program through its ER in May of 2019, where cancer patients entering the ER will receive priority admittance and be triaged in a separate room from other patients by an oncology nurse. We will continue to champion this project as our goal is to have these systems in place for oncology patients in all emergency rooms throughout the Inland Northwest.

  3. In 2018, we began The Cancer Can’t Grant Program, for oncology patients experiencing financial stress associated with their treatment. Amongst other necessities, our grant program has helped local cancer patients pay for hotel lodging, childcare, and medical supplies. Currently, we release $6,000 a quarter in grants to cancer patients in need. Our goal for 2019 is to grow the grant program so we are able to help even more adults fighting cancer.

  4. This year we will be hosting our 5th Annual Dinner & Auction. This event is the primary way Cancer Can't raises funds for our programs and projects. We are blessed to be a foundation mainly run by volunteers; so, we are able to keep our overhead low. Still, our work of helping to improve the lives of adult cancer patients requires tangible resources, often in the form of money. Our goal, this year, is to surpass the attendance and sales records of our previous years' auctions. Our target is to have over 500 attendees this year and raise $200,000 in sales. The more we are able to raise at the event the more resources we can put into our programs.