Goals for 2023


Goals for 2023


1. Transportation

In 2022 we saw our transportation program continue to see grow as we had hoped.  We maintained our partnership with SNAP and secured a funding source through the Spokane Transit Authority. We were able to hire a part time dispatcher, Melody Stubbs which really helped our customer service and reliability to patients. In 2022 we increased our volunteer base to about 80 drivers and were averaging about 300 rides per month for patients. As 2022 came to a close our transportation program had officially grown to the largest volunteer drive program in Spokane. Clinics have come to rely on this vital resource for patient access to treatment. In 2023 we hope to maintain our positive partnerships with SNAP and the STA as well as grow our volunteer base to not have volunteer burn out.

2.  The Grant Program

In 2022 we again gave out more than $40,000 in grants to patients in emergent need paying things such as rent, power, childcare, car payments, phone bills and even clothing. We continue to work with local businesses that were able to donate services when those specific needs arise. In 2023 we are going to increase our budget to $60,000 so we can help get even more emergent resources to patients. We would also like to continue to work together with community partners to gather donations where we can and help that money go further.

3. Cancer Can't Take Christmas

In 2022 our donors were able to provide over $50,000 worth of gifts to 21 cancer families in need of some love all over the Inland Northwest. This year we tried to expand the program to not just families that have children but also to bless some adult patients directly. This program reaches from Wenatchee/Moses Lake area to Usk and then all the way over Spokane through Idaho. It is truly amazing the blessings this program brings during the holiday season and what a difference this makes for families and patients battling cancer.  Our goal for 2023 is to maintain the funds and donors that support this program but move back to adult patients with children so entire families can be blessed. However, this decision will be made when we see how many families and needs we see through our application process. We have some of the most amazingly generous donors that continue to allow this program to be successful year after year. 

4. Lodging

In 2020 during the Covid shut down we watched other non-profit organizations close around us and resources for cancer patients in our community dissolve. In an attempt to support patients, we picked up a program that was closed when the American Cancer Society closed here in the greater Spokane area. The loss of a hotel partnership program was a huge loss for our community. In 2021 Cancer Can't began partnering with those same hotels in our area to provide a place to stay for patients who were traveling for treatment. Through these new hotel partnerships, we were able to provide 82 hotel stays to patients in 2021. In 2022 the Cancer Can't was able to grow this program to have over a $20,000 budget and grow this program.  In 2023 we hope to match the $40,000 budget ACS had been providing for the service. Additionally the board would like to nail down our new strategic model that will serve this program more sustainably and conduct a feasibility study on this potential project.

5. Continue our partnership with the Charitable Pharmacy and provide financial assistance as needed. 

6. In 2022 Cancer Can't held its largest fundraiser to date. The Black and White Gala was a huge success exceeding our fund-raising goals yet again. We would like to continue to see growth in 2023 with new sponsorships and community partners and once again throw another fantastic event.